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I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want.

Then, IF YOU WANT, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

To catch up...
I said I would post about my weekend in Calgary...but haven't yet. So here goes!

We left here around 11am. Headed to the gas station to fill up. We were about half way there when the car started making a strange noise and pulling to the left. We went to the station and discovered a FLAT tire. Mom tried airing it up, but it wouldn't even take any air in. We called a friend who was also heading to Calgary, luckily he was still in town and helped Mom put on the donut tire. She took the car home and we picked her up there and then headed out for Calgary in his truck instead. (While the tire changing was happening I was keeping warm with a hot chocolate in Timmy's). Lunch in Red Deer and McDonald's. We got to Calgary in time to check into our hotel and have supper and then to head to the church were the rally was being held for registration. Did some singing and visiting. Had some snacks. Headed back to the hotel. Mom and I ended up with a smoking room even though she had asked for a non-smoking one Plus it was very very warm in the room. It smelled pretty bad. They gave us a discount on the room though. The hallway outside our room smelled even worse... Next morning, up early for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. SLOWEST SERVICE EVER!!! We (there were 6 of us) were the only ones in the restaurant and it still took forever to get our food. Made it to the church on time for morning session though. Sang some, learned some, listened to some people talk watched a couple short videos. Lunch was served there, soup and sandwiches, cream puffs with chocolate & strawberry sauce for dessert. More sessions. Out to Swiss Chalet for supper. Back to the church for the entertainment portion of the weekend. A band called The Kimberlites played some songs. It was very loud. They are a christian band who play in bars and casinos and stuff...kinda interesting. Back to the hotel. Up the next morning for breakfast at Perkins. Yummy waffle!!! Then to the church. Headed home after the service. Lunch at Glenn's Tea House in Red Deer. Yummy turkey sandwich!!  Then home! :) It was a good weekend aside from the hotel smell and the flat tire.

Hmm, what else...

Ooh a couple weekends ago. I babysat my friends little boy Elijah. He pretty much just slept the whole time but that's okay. I got to play with him a bit before he went to bed, and some the next day too. His parents wanted to just go out together. So they went for supper. Elijah's a cutie. Much more mobile. And EVERYTHING goes in his mouth at least once...haha.

This past weekend Mom, Becky and I did our "birthday-thinger" for Becky and I. Becky came over friday after work and we went to pool night. That was fun as usual. We got Timmy's gift cards from a friend there. Then saturday we went to WEM and wandered a bit. Then went to Build-a-bear and made bears. (Well Becky and I just helped pick clothes!) Then we went to Boston Pizza and had some lunch/supper. Then to HMV for a look at things, PJ's Pets to look at the cute animals. Then to chapters to book hunt. Becky bought me a book (also she gave me an Itunes card and one for a facebook game we both play) and used the gift card I bought her to get herself a book as well.  Went to the food court for a drink and a sit. Then onto Marbleslab for YUMMY ice cream. Then we were all done for the day so we drove Becky home and went home ourselves. All in all a good day!

Now it's 3 days til my actual birthday and I'm hoping to have cherry cheesecake for that day! Mmmm!!

Things and Stuff
I got my new glasses today!!! I got my eyes tested last Tuesday. I now have an astigmatism in both eyes and needed new lenses on top of that. Glasses are expensive... My new ones are a lovely dark purple colour with a sparkly flower on each arm (the older ones had silver frames and clear arms). New glasses always make me dizzy cuz of the astigmatism, but it's nice to be able to see better again!

While at the mall, I bought some caramel popcorn. (Cuz Becky said she bought some in her LJ and it made me want some...haha) So now I am trying not to eat it all at once.

This weekend I am going to Calgary for a CMA weekend. Hopefully it will be fun. It usually is. Hanging out with the bikers is pretty fun! :)

I'm still looking for a job. Hopefully something will come along soon. The placement company I have my name with keeps trying to send me to the opposite ends of the city. The know I don't drive and don't really want more than an hours travel time. Oh well. Something will show up.

I think thats all for now. I will try to remember to post about the weekend when I get back! :)

I got a lovely picture of the adorable August in the mail yesterday!!! Thank you Juls and Auggie-doggie. I love it!  :D *love and huggles*

I got home yesterday from spending 4 days with my friend Sunni who has just moved to Edmonton. She was here without her husband (cuz he is still working where they moved from) I would have stayed longer but her grandma is sick and she wanted to go back to see her.  It was an interesting stay. It's odd to have a crying baby wake you up at strange (and very early) hours. Haha! He's a sweetie. (This is the little boy who had heart surgery last year...he's now 10, almost 11 months old) Poor little guy has a cold though and he's teething so he wasn't always too happy. He's starting to walk a bit, not on his own yet though. He's not fond of Mom leaving the room. It's strange to live in someone elses house, but it was fun to spend some time with Sunni. We chatted and watched movies and ordered late night brownies...haha.

Last night was pool night. Becky came. It was pretty fun. The CMA (christian motorcycle association...which mom is part of have it the last friday of all the winter months...when they can't be out riding) Becky and I are (as she put it...) getting less bad at playing pool. We always have fun though, so thats the important part.

Umm...thats all for now. :)

Happy Naked lil man with love arrows day...

It's about that time again...
So, Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you had a fun night!

I did! I was in Calgary for my friend Sarah's wedding. She got married on Jan 1. So for new years we went to a friend of her husbands family's house. We had food, played games, watched fireworks and just had a fun time! :)

The drive down to Calgary was fine. Dry roads, good weather. We made it there faster than we were expecting. The drive home yesterday was a different story all together. It was slippery, we saw around 25 vehicles in the ditch. Some people were driving more slowly, but one guy in a truck flew past us and we later saw him in the ditch. It was an interesting trip. Took longer to get home than expected. But better slow and safe.

The wedding was great! Sarah looked amazing in her dress. Mike (husband) is a police officer, so he was in a dress tux, he looked great too! They were both so happy. Then there were pictures and appetizers. Supper was really good too! Instead of a cake they had mini cupcakes in their wedding colours. They were delicious! Some dancing ended the night and we all waved good bye to them as they drove off for the mountains!

Christmas was also fun! Becky came over. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church, after having the customary Corn Chowder. Haha. Christmas was nice. I got lots of fun presents.  2 pairs of jammies, 8 dvds, lego, Hot Chocolate, Books, fun socks...lots of stuff. Becky spoiled me cuz she has a job now...haha. Mom got lots of good gifts too. She seemed happy with all we got her! French toast for breakfast. We had a yummy turkey dinner. Watched some movies. Played some Lego Indiana Jones on my Wii. It was fun to have Becky here. It was a good weekend!

We even braved going and doing a little shopping on Boxing day. The mall we went to was not as busy as I was expecting.  I used the gift cards I got from Becky and so did Mom. Becky bought herself and us some yummy smelling bath salts. (We get them for each other every year lately cuz they only come out at Christmas and she couldn't find the stand anywhere she had gone before Christmas)

Other than that just been relaxing and watching tv and movies, reading etc. Ooh, I have a potential temporary job. I don't know when I'll hear about it, but if I get it. I'd have a job for 4 months, making $20 and hour. Not really quite what I wanted. I wanted permanent full time, but it would be a big step up from no job and no money.  :)

Now to see where this year takes me... Hope it takes you all to good places!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I have a sort-of job interview today at 1:30 (about and hour and a half from now) It's at a job placement company. Hopefully they can find me a job soon! ) Think happy thoughts for me around then if you think of it! :)

It's snowing...

I guess it had to happen eventually. But I am not a fan of winter.

I had a pretty eventful weekend. On Saturday, Mom, Becky and I went to mom's cousin Teresea's house for dinner. There was some other family there as well. People I haven't seen in quite a while. A great anunt and some more of mom's cousins. It was a thanksgiving type meal. Turkey and fixings. Then yummy apple pie for dessert! So that was fun.

Then on Sunday was my friend Sarah's bridal shower. She's getting married January 1st. We played some games, ate some yummy food and she opened some gifts. I won a couple of the games. It was a fun day. I have to get myself something to wear to the wedding, but I'm not sure what I want. She calls me an "honorary bridesmaid" Haha! So whatever I wear should not clash with their navy blue bridesmaids dresses. Haha.

Still looking for a job. Hopefully get one soon. Living in the world is an expensive thing...hehe!  Plus Christmas is coming soon.

Other than that nothing really new. Ooh this weekend is the CMA Christmas party. So more yummy food is in the near future...haha! Mom, Becky and I will be going to that! Then the following weekend is Sarah's stagette. That should be lots of fun too. So a pretty busy few weekends any way!

Umm so thats all for now.

It ended with a bang...
Yesterday I went to Ikea for the first time ever. With Mom and Becky. That place is huge! But fun to walk through. There is sooo much stuff to look at. Then we had lunch at the restaurant. Then finished walking though the store. We all bought so random things. No furniture. Just some yummy smelling candles, a pizza cutter, wrapping paper, and some christmas decorations. Becky bought some fun red star lights. :) Then Becky and I had a cinnamon roll each and mom had a frozen yogurt. Then...on the way out my shoe lace got caught in the grate and *bang* down I went. I scraped &bruised my knee and bruised the plam of my hand. Other than that I'm okay. Everything is a little stiff today, but that will fade. It was a fun day though.

Other than that I haven't been up to much. Just hanging out at home and trying to find a job. Applying to quite a few, no response so far. I hope something comes up soon.

We had our first snowfall today. It mostly melted off now, cuz it was falling along with the rain. It wasn't too cold though, and it was bound to happen sooner or later...I do live in Canada afterall...haha!

Ummm...I think thats all for now...


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