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springraine's Journal

31 March
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Well...I'm a girl. I'm the youngest of 2. Well not including the 3 step sisters and 1 half brother...in that case I am the 4th of 6!
Was born in Northern BC (Dawson Creek) moved when I was 11 to Northern AB (Peace River) then moved again at 17 to Southern BC (Trail/Fruitvale) and the at 18 to Central AB (Edmonton), where I have been for the past 7+ years. I worked at a rather boring job where the best things about it were that I could dress however I wanted and that I got to work with my sister. I was there for about 5 years. Now I'm in University at Grant Macewan studying a bunch of random stuff and enjoying my time there. Thats my boring life in a nutshell!!
1967 camaros, 3 doors down, action movies, angels, animals, autumn, being warm, big wreck, birthdays, black, blink 182, blue, books, boys, buffy, cake, candles, cars, cds, cell phones, chatting, cherries, chocolate, christmas, clouds, coca-cola, coloring, concerts, cruising, crushes, curly fries, dancing, default, disturbed, dogs, doodling, dr.seuss, dragons, dreams, email, everclear, fairy tales, family, food, friends, games, garbage, gilmore girls, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green, green day, grey's anatomy, guitars, herstory, hockey, hoodies, horror movies, hugs, ice cream, james bond, james patterson, janet evanovich, jd robb, jeans, joanne fluke, julia roberts, laughing, lego star wars, letters, lightning, linkin park, lipsmackers, live, lord of the rings, march, mark hoppus, mark mcgrath, matchbox twenty, mcdonalds, metal, metallica, moist, monkies, movies, msn, music, my stereo, nickelback, nirvana, no doubt, offspring, orlando bloom, papa roach, parties, peirce brosnan, pie, pjs, poetry, pooh bear, puddle of mudd, purple, rain, raspberries, reading, red, red hot chili peppers, rings, rock&roll, sean connery, secrets, shiny things, shirley manson, sidney sheldon, silver, silverchair, simple plan, sleepy hollow, soccer, soft stuff, soul caliber, soundgarden, spunkyness, stars, stickers, storms, stuffed animals, sue grafton, sugar ray, sum41, supernatural, talking, tattoos, teddy bears, tekken, the deftones, the headstones, the simpsons, the tea party, thebear, third eye blind, thunder, tomb raider, tonic, treble charger, video games, vin diesel, writing, yahoo